Appraisal Management Company


Lenders such as Manhattan Financial Group Inc. are expected to make underwriting decisions that result in investment quality loans; that is, loans for which it has been established that there is a reasonable expectation that the borrower is able and willing to repay the mortgage debt and that the property constitutes sufficient security for the mortgage.

In turn, lenders rely on appraisers to provide them with thorough, accurate, and objective appraisal reports that result in reliable opinions of market value so they can make prudent underwriting decisions. The appraisal is used to judge the property acceptability for the mortgage loan requested in view of its value and marketability. The underwriter will use the information provided in the appraisal report, along with other data, to determine whether the property meets Agency requirements for an investment quality loan.

These are MFG Banking's approved Appraisal Management Companies. **Note** MFG Banking does not assume any liability in recommending any third party.

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