Introducing BRIDGE – MFG Banking’s New LOS


With a range of features and abilities, our new Loan Origination System (LOS) creates a streamlined & transparent loan process. Closing loans with MFG Banking has never been so easy.

BRIDGE was created to streamline our processing and give brokers the ability to track their loans from start to finish. BRIDGE allows users to completely price and lock their loans, import and auto-populate entire 3.2 files, order appraisals, upload supporting documents, and submit to our underwriting department with just a few clicks. System notifications keep you up to date throughout the loan process, even sending you automatic messages when there has been a status change.

To add transparency to our process, BRIDGE gives brokers the ability to view their pipeline, view their reports, and/or any changes in status throughout the loan process.

Accomplishing new growth for our company is very important, and we want you to grow with us. The addition of the BRIDGE (LOS) is just one of the first steps in achieving that goal. We look forward to helping you close more loans quickly and with a new level of efficiency.

For more information, contact your Account Executive today!

Core Benefits of Mfg Banking’s New BRIDGE System (LOS)

  • Upload & Auto-Populate 3.2 files
  • Price out your Loans to Best Execution
  • Lock your Loans online
  • Auto Email System Notifications
  • Status Change Notifications
  • Appraisal order authorization email alerts
  • Upload Images Directly to the System
  • Upload Conditions Directly to the System
  • Complete Loan Process Transparency
  • Links for all approved AMC’s
  • View Pipeline, Reports, & Status Changes
  • Manage your own User Accounts
  • Issue Credit Report (Auto Populate Liabilities)
  • We will Re-Issue Credit if pulled through CBC