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The MFG Banking staff is comprised of knowledgeable individuals who possess not only a keen understanding of the market, but a genuine concern for the needs of the client in addition to seeking the most competitive market prices and rates. Each key person at MFG Banking has over 15 years experience and each personally has handled billions of dollars in loans.

It is our policy to have direct contact between our key operations personnel, so decision speed and service remains high. Our management staff is headquartered in the San Diego offices with no turnaround issues because of geographic dispersion.

The behind-the-scenes staff forms the backbone of the team , enhancing the ability of the firm to deliver timely and accurate commitments for its clients. These highly skilled individuals maintain a constant program to assure compliance with up-to-the minute regulations and procedures.

Our people help hundreds of mortgage brokers annually at the wholesale level to fund thousands of real estate loans.